Embrace Podcast Launch

Embrace Podcast Launch

In 2019 BRISSC ran a 7-week support group on sex and intimacy for survivors, blending feminist and somatic theory and practices. 

Themes covered included: 

  • Somatic safety & embodiment 
  • Working with trauma (the ‘resilient edge of resistance’) 
  • Triggers 
  • Consent & sexual communication
  • Arousal anatomy and orgasm 

At the end of the group, participants felt passionate about sharing their process, learnings and reflections with a wider audience – and the idea of a podcast was born. The intention is survivors talking to survivors about their experiences – although the content will also be invaluable for sexual violence workers. 

Embrace is a 6-part podcast series drawing on the lived expertise of survivors of sexual violence. Each topic split into two parts – a discussion between survivors about topics relevant to sex and intimacy after trauma, and a somatic ‘practice’ – which support listeners to embody the concepts from the discussion.

The Embrace Podcast can be accessed via:

  • The BRISSC website here.
  • Spotify here.
  • Google Podcasts here.
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