Student Placement

Current Placement Opportunities:

BRISSC regularly offers student placement opportunities. If you are interested in a placement with us in 2022, please read the below and send us a completed student placement form to [email protected]


Student Philosophy/Herstory: 

BRISSC has a long herstory of sharing skills and expertise with women who wish to work in sexual violence prevention and support work.  BRISSC has offered placements with students from a variety of study backgrounds including but not limited to TAFE, Bachelor of Social Work, Counselling and Social Sciences.


What students will be involved with: 

BRISSC is committed to supporting students in developing a feminist framework and sharing skills and knowledge.  As part of BRISSC’s aim of working toward a community consciousness committed to ending sexual violence against women and children, we provide students with opportunities to develop knowledge and skills in: a collective-based organisation; consensus-based decision-making; social action; community education; group work; and support work. We also encourage students to bring and negotiate new ideas and projects with the Collective.


Student’s involvement with direct support work (counselling): 

Due to the complex nature of sexual assault support work, only qualified and experienced workers may provide face-to-face counselling. Students, however can be involved in learning about support work through peer-based  de-briefing and supervision, where there will be many opportunities to hear about the issues that are explored in support work.


Where students have demonstrated skills and knowledge at a level that indicates they are ready to develop support skills, workers may ask women for permission for students to sit in on and become involved in direct support work,  and/or support group programs.  Where students demonstrate high skill levels they may negotiate with workers to provide telephone support and/or be a student assisting in a support group program.


BRISSC requirements for students include:

  • Interest in working in this field
  • Female students only (as permitted under Sections 25 and 104 of the Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991).)
  • Understanding of and interest in further developing radical and intersectional feminist framework
  • Understanding of and ability to quickly learn about policies on confidentiality, duty of care and ethical standards and a commitment to uphold principles of all BRISSC and WCAA policies and procedures
  • Understanding of and interest in developing skills in working within a collective structure and consensus decision making model
  • That the student is not using BRISSC support services and there are not conflicts of interest in the relationship with co/supervisor/s


The Process:

  • Complete the attached Student Placement Form and email/post it back to BRISSC. [email protected]  or 15 Morrissey St Woolloongabba 4102.
  • BRISSC will contact you about the outcome of your application.
  • An interview may be offered to determine if the placement will proceed.