Pornography Resources

In February 2021, BRISSC in colloboration with Men Against Gender Injustice Collective (MAGIC) and Jabiru Community College held a workshop for community workers that centered on starting conversartions about pornography, its use and explored its impact on sexual violence.

Pornography is an important issue for young people and adults alike. How can community workers, youth educators, and others start conversations about pornography? 

Resources were provided to BRISSC by two speakers of the workshop Dr. Michael Flood and Dr. Zahra Stardust. These have been separeted out below for your reference and offer different perspectives on the conversations around pornography and its impacts. Please be advised that some content contains discussions around sexual violence.

The below resources were compiled by Dr Michael Flood (QUT), a member of MAGIC.

Information, evidence, and analysis:

The effects of pornography use among adults and young people (a summary of the research evidence)

Pornography is a powerful sexual socialiser for young people (a short article on pornography’s effects)

Pornography: Ten Points in Ten Minutes (a short speech)

Pornography, Men, and Boys (materials on the impacts of pornography, men and pornography, and fostering resistance to pornography)

Tools and tips for community workers, practitioners, and others:

It’s Time We Talked: Resources, curricula, and training for educators, parents, and others. Including for community organisations

eChildhood: Resources for professionals

More resources:

Websites and organisations (including a variety of organisations and campaigns, e.g. Culture Reframed, Fight the New Drug, etc.)

Academic scholarship on pornography (A comprehensive bibliography)

Continuing the Conversation

The below resources were provided by Dr. Zahra Stardust. Dr. Zahra Stardust is a socio-legal researcher whose work is concerned with intersections between criminal law, sexuality, labour and justice. Please be advised that some of the links below may contain mature images and content. Discretion is advised

Alternative Pornographies, Regulatory Fantasies
and Resistance Politics
– Dr. Zahra Stardust’s Doctoral Dissertation

The Stigma of Sex Work Comes with a High Cost – The Conversation Article by Dr. Zahra Stardust

Rethinking the relationship between sex work, mental health and stigma: a qualitative study of sex workers in Australia – Social Science & Medicine Journal Article

#LetHerSpeak: Northern Territory Moves Closer To End Silencing of Sexual Assault Survivors – New Matilda Article discussing Australia’s previous ‘gag laws’ for survivors of sexual violence

Won’t somebody think of the children? Gonzo puts teens in conversation with porn stars (Review and analysis of a play involving conversations between porn performers and young people)