Reclaim The Night 2019

Reclaim The Night 2019

The date has been set for Reclaim the Night (RTN) 2019! Join BRISSC, Zig Zag and WWILD along with a collective of community women and survivors to march for our right to safety. Reclaim the Night is a women’s rally and march that demands the end of men’s violence against women. On October 25th we band together and take our voices to the streets.

At this year’s Reclaim the Night Brisbane 2019 we stand with survivors of sexual violence and say “We Believe You”. 1 in 5 women experience sexual violence in their lifetime, however, these experiences are vastly under-reported. ‘We believe you’ addresses a pervasive cultural attitude in not believing women when they disclose their experience of sexual violence. Many women have attempted to find justice through reporting and have not been believed. Many women choose not to report or disclose to friends and family due to unhelpful messages from their communities, friends and family, the police and the justice system.

RALLY STARTS AT 5PM QUEENS GARDENS (PARK ) GEORGE ST CBD. MARCH TBA. All women and non-binary people are welcome to march. See the Facebook event for details.


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