New Online/SMS Options to report DFV (COVID-19)

New Online/SMS Options to report DFV (COVID-19)

Qld Police have developed an alternative online/SMS option to report DV for persons isolated or restricted due to COVID-19.

Important information about the process:

1. This option requires pre-registration by the identified person via an online registration form, available on the QPS website:…/message-service-for-deaf-he…

2. Once registered, the person will be provided with a mobile telephone number they can use to contact Police link to request police assistance. The registration process provides Police with means to immediately identify the person who has sent the SMS and their address so police can provide assistance.

This expanded service of SMS reporting is a further option for requesting police assistance for those high risk vulnerable persons who may be in isolation as a result of COVID-19 and cannot safely dial ‘000’ or ‘131 444’ to request police assistance when domestic violence may be occurring.

1. If the offence is happening now or if you or someone else is in danger dial triple zero;
2. If you can safely call, do not use the online/SMS options’;
3. If you have information about domestic and family violence and if the offence is not happening now and the person is safe then contact Police link on 131 444;
4. If the safest way for you to contact the QPS is online or SMS, then use the online options;
5. Make sure you give clear details about what is happening, tell us if there are weapons involved and any other information that will assist with officer safety and your safety.

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