MAKARETA KL (Margret Leathart)

Artist Statement

Makareta KL

Ko Arawa te Waka                              Ko Aotea te Waka

Ko Tongariro te Maunga                     Ko Ruapehu te Maunga

Ko Rangatikei te Awa                         Ko Wanganui te Awa

Ko Te Tikanga te Marae                     Ko Pipiriki te Marae

Ko Ngaati Tu Wharetoa te Iwi            Ko Aati Haua A Paparangi te Iwi

MAKARETA KL is an emerging Cre-Artist, passioned in culture, nature and experiential creative processes. She is mediumed to work between the worlds of her Ancestors in both Traditional and Contemporary methods, holding space and bringing diverse ways to bring elements of healing through her interconnections with Family, Tribe and the communities she constellates in. Her key to life has been Nature, humour, humility and grace. 

This journey of past and present artworks has been collaged and taled in reflecting, honouring and appreciating life itself. 

A myriad of interpretations of strength, survival, and resistance.

Knowing roots, knowing culture, knowing Identity. Knowing where one Belongs. 

To  Love what is….. To Love that is…… Life continues on…..


TAONGA (Treasure)

Treasure, anything prized applied to anything considered to of value including cultural valuable objects, resources, phenomenon, ideas, techniques and methods.


“Taonga puoro (Traditional Maori musical instruments) are seen as children of the families of the gods who brought them into being. Rangi is the word for tunes, and the name of the primal Sky Father to whom music drifts up – so melodic instruments are from the world of Rangi.”


From past. In present. To the future. From Ability. To fragility. To stability. Be like a bird. When no words exist, sound your way. All is heard within the realms of the Cosmos.


WHARE NGARO (Hidden, absent, covered)

Home. Nesting the beginnings of life itself…….


Living can be like walking on egg shells. Raw. Fragile, Broken.

Emotions and feelings pitted, what seems like an never roller coaster. 

Invoking a catharsis of certainty versus questioning and denial. 

Doubt and confusion. Fear versus action. The inability to speak…. UP! 


WAIRUA TAPU (spirit, soul).

Within all of us lies the core of our “Wairua” – 

A sacredness. Untainted. Unfractured. Unbroken, Whole. 

The Essence of who we are. 

Invoking courage, strength, stability. The knowing of Completeness.


“He kaakano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiaatea” – (Proverb from Aotea Tribe)

I am a seed which was sewn in the realms of Rangiaatea – it reflects the importance of ones genealogy, ones connection, ones cultureLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.