Dilsah de Rham

Artist Statement

Dilsah was born in Sri Lanka in 1982. She started Art at a young age in Switzerland. She is presently living in Brisbane after being located in four different countries. Dilsah studied Art, theatre, and is finishing a Master of Business in entrepreneurship and leadership at the University of Queensland. Her Art is influenced by her life experiences by meeting a wide range of people.

The Eastern and Western pearls of Wisdom and Cultures has played a crucial role in her life as well .Moreover, she paints to provoke emotions, communicating messages and answering questions. She believes that everyone could see something maybe different as every individual’s mind will perceive the paintings’ depth with different perspectives. 

Dilsah uses mixed media : ink, pastels,water colours and acrylic. Presently, Dilsah actively is acting, painting (commission work and exhibition), talking on the radio, podcasting. She also works to help others to find and live a life with greater certainty, flexibily, vitality and immediacy as an Integrative Lifestyle Strategist.